Aspire Odan Replacement Vape Coils

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  • Nicotine: 0.3Ω
  • Description

    Aspire Odan Replacement Vape Coils

    The Odan has a Plug and Play easy coil system that makes coil replacement super simple—replacing a coil has never been so easy. But wait, there’s more! Aspire integrated an e-liquid shutoff valve to prevent e-liquid from getting into the coil chamber while you swap coils. This means you don’t need to worry about e-liquid spilling out while changing your coils.


    • Enormous vapour and flavour production
    • Super-efficient wicking materials
    • 80% linen fiber + 20% organic cotton
    • Excellent low e-liquid consumption
    •  Ingenious self-sealing coil housing
    • 0.18ohm Mesh Coils (60 – 80W)
    • 0.2hm Mesh Vape Coils (50 – 60W)
    • 0.3ohm Mesh Vape Coils (35 – 45W)

    Box Content:

    • 3x Aspire Odan Replacement Vape Coils


    Compatible with Odan Vape Tanks !!!

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