Uwell Whirl Replacement Vape Coils

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  • Nicotine: 0.4
  • Description

    Uwell Whirl Replacement Vape Coils

    Whirl vape coils are suitable for the WHIRL 20 Vape Kit/WHIRL 22 Vape Kit and Whirl Tank using a clever adaptation of Uwell’s famous sub-ohm coil technology, vapour generated in the coil core is compressed in a narrowed MTL coil barrel extension


    • 0.6Ω Coils Suitable for the WHIRL 20 Kit/WHIRL 22 Kit and Whirl Tank
    • 1.8Ω Coils will ONLY work on Whirl Tank.

    4 x Replacement Uwell Wirl coils

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