Vandy Vape Kanthal A1 Coil Wire

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  • Nicotine: 0.2Ω
  • Description

    Vandy Vape Kanthal A1 Vape coil Wire features Kanthal single strand wires used in a variety of builds for both MTL and DL vaping, RDA or RTA atomizers providing a stable resistance that is manageable by lower powered devices running at lower wattages.


    • Kanthal A1 28ga – Approx 5.73Ω /ft
    • Kanthal A1 26ga – Approx 3.45Ω /ft
    • Kanthal A1 24ga – Approx 2.2Ω /ft
    • Kanthal A1 22ga – Approx 1.52Ω /ft


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