Vaporesso Euc Cotton Vape Atomizer Replacement Coil Heads

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  • Nicotine: 0.2Ω 0.3
  • Description

    Vaporesso EUC Traditional Cotton Replacement Vape Coils

    Vaporesso EUC 0.2 Traditional Coils. ECO-friendly replacement coils from Vaporesso. These replacement 0.2Ω EUC traditional Clapton wire coils have been designed to reduce the waste metal involved with traditional electronic cigarette coils, but not at the expense of performance. Only a part of the coil is replaced each time, not the whole unit. These replacement coils are compatible with a wide range of  Vaporesso tanks, Another special selection added to the GetThatVape accessories stock.
    The main difference between a lower ohm coil versus a higher number is that less voltage is required for the lower ohm. The lower ohm coil is generally likely to heat faster, produce a warmer vapour and more of it.
    How to prime your coils
    Priming e-cigarette coils before use is advised otherwise you may get a burnt taste and the coils may be ruined.


    • Compatible with Vaporesso Estoc Tank
    • Compatible with Vaporesso Attitude Tank (Attitude Kit)
    • Compatible with Vaporesso Veco Tank (Tarot Nano Kit)
    • Compatible with Vaporesso Drizzle Tank
    • Claptonized Coil Core
    • Ceramic Core Option
    • Japanese Organic Cotton
    • Vertical Coil Design
    • Resistance: Clapton 0.4 & 0.5
    • 0.4ohm Traditional EUC Clapton – rated for 40-50W
    • 0.5ohm Traditional EUC Clapton – rated for 35-40W
    • Easily Placed Coil Cores with Reusable Coil Head

    Box Content:

    • 5 x Vaporesso EUC Traditional Cotton Replacement Vape Coils

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